Posted by: annemartinfletcher | October 6, 2016

Overnight with the Red Cross

We just got kicked out of our Tallahassee hotel room. We knew we were in a safe place because the parking lot was full of Red Cross vans. The “cherry-picker” trucks for restoring electrical power were all heading east to the coast last night as we were driving west.

Now on to the hotel reservation I made last week in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew, in Dothan, AL. My reservation is through Monday. Why Alabama? Because it is the closest place that will be out of the effects of the storm bands. If I am paying to be safe, we might as well enjoy it with electricity.

What is the most miserable part of a hurricane? If your shelter is safe, then it is not the storm, but the aftermath. No flush toilets, no water, and worse of all — no air conditioning and no internet! The no power part can last much longer than a few days — remember Katrina? As The Weather Channel just told a newbie FL resident, “This (Matthew) ain’t no snowstorm.” We will return when the power does.

Next Post: The Day After Tomorrow? How the worst might be mid-next-week.



  1. Hi, Anne! I didn’t see an option for sending you a message, so I am posting on your site. It was great meeting you the other day on the slopes at Whitetail! I appreciated your time. You can see our quick interview on my Facebook page, Ski Simple: Have a great ski season!

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