Posted by: annemartinfletcher | May 24, 2015

Dream a Bigger Memorial Day Dream

Would you risk your life for your ideals? Would you risk your life for your family? Would you risk your life for teammates who you know would do the same for you?

In past Memorial Day posts I wrote about friends who lost their lives in military service: Thank You, A Family of Patriots, Sadness to AngerMike Joyal, Help a Navy Seal. Today, I want to project their memories and my thoughts outward. I would like to dream a bigger dream.

AmFlag2015Honor the sacrifice of American soldiers by honoring the best part of yourself. You don’t need to risk your life to do so. But you do need to lay aside your quest for devices, comfort, entertainment, power, accolades, and riches to do something for a cause you believe in — just as every fallen soldier did.

It does not matter what that cause is for, as long as it is an ideal bigger than your own self-interest. This Memorial Day, dream a bigger dream than yourself, then go out and make it so. We honor your ideal, your sacrifice, and your attempt.

Share your causes by mentioning them in a comment below.

Success, if it happens, will be a collective achievement.


  1. Let me start off the comments with a personal cause — finding solutions for people suffering from PTSD or TBI. Next month I will write about better charities to support than The Wounded Warrior Project.

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