Posted by: annemartinfletcher | May 28, 2013

Fun USAFA Cult Movie

I don’t think the leadership will be showing this movie to the Class of 2017 during BCT, so basics, you need to watch it before 27 June.

Can we all agree that the Cadet Chapel with its seventeen spires (12 for the Apostles and 5 for the Chiefs of Staff) is THE iconic image for the United States Air Force Academy? No images of USAFA are complete without it, right?


Well, here’s a movie highlighting the Chapel that you might have missed: Cover for Disney's "Wreck It Ralph" Cover for Disney’s “Wreck It Ralph

That’s right, either watch this delightful cartoon or fast forward to the  32 minute mark and watch through minute 33 (in Chapter 4 on the DVD) and you will see the “saddest backstory” of Sergeant Calhoun’s almost wedding. And guess where her backstory was filmed?

If you pay attention, you’ll notice the sides and front windows as in my photos below:

Author's photo rear interior of Protestant Chapel

Author’s photo rear interior of Protestant Chapel

Protestant Chapel Author's photo

Protestant Chapel Author’s photo



One more fun cult item — do you see any resemblance between the cult character “Sergeant Calhoun” and the alumni author of this blog?




  1. Very Cool. I have never been to the USAFA, but everyone marvels about the chapel. I am glad to know it made a movie, and I think it is cool to know that you are a movie star. Can you get Ralph’s autograph for my kids?

    Great blog.

  2. Dear Robakers, thank you for your comment. I tried to get Ralph’s autograph for your kids, but he kept breaking the pens. Sorry.

  3. Anne, I had no idea you were the model for a famous (and very “animated”) Hollywood star! I enjoyed watching the movie with my grandson. I hope you get some royalties from the toy tie-ins!

  4. Thanks, Dan. I’ll have to tell my agent to look into those toy tie-in deals.

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