Posted by: annemartinfletcher | March 10, 2012

The Maverick Founder of SEAL Team 6

If you study SEAL Team Six, you have heard of Navy Officer Dick Marcinko. He created the Team. He called in deals to get it funded at unlimited levels. He set the standards–which few people could figure out. He made it and its operators disappear. He created its culture. People who knew Marcinko hated him, loved him, and were stunned by Marcinko’s audacity. His personal reign was short — 1981 until 1983 — but he left his indelible mark on the unit.

After reading so much about Marcinko, I pictured him as a short bulldog of a man. Then, I discovered a video of him on the internet. I am sharing it with you. While he does not resemble a bulldog, he physically fits his reputation as an independent maverick. What fun!


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