Posted by: annemartinfletcher | October 19, 2011

Men Only

I’m looking forward to telling a room full of MEN ONLY, “What Not to Say to a Woman Pilot.” (a journey of faith through a flying career) Saturday, Oct 19, 8 am, free breakfast, Grace United Methodist Church. All men welcome, call 904-829-8272 or email to save your place.

BTW, the photo above appeared in a Brooklyn Newspaper.  The original photo  showed the National Security Team during the attack on Bin Laden, below:


  1. Will this event be webcast?

    Also, I think that there was more to the photo story than just a newspaper originating in Brooklyn. I’m from Brooklyn and don’t recall any general practice of airbrushing women out of sight there…

    Good luck with the talk. I hope you’ll provide a summary here, so that I can try to stay out of trouble with women pilots.

  2. The airbrushing is interesting. But I’ve seen the picture before WITH the woman in it. Think it was i the Abq Journal. Would love to hear your speech…hope the men can take it! 🙂

  3. The airbrushed photo came from a Hasidic Jewish newspaper, that has since apologized and did not want to disturb the delicate values of its readers by showing images of women–or something like that. Of course, my real point is my own faith journey, that I will be sharing on Saturday.

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