Posted by: annemartinfletcher | May 6, 2011

SEAL Team Six

CNN reported that some analysts are criticizing the administration for releasing the name of the unit, SEAL Team Six, that conducted the raid on Osama Bin Laden. I am mildly surprised that they gave the team identification, but not at all surprised it was SEAL Team Six. Anyone slightly familiar with the SEAL Teams already knows that it had to have either been Team 3 (Middle East) or Team 6 (Anti-terrorism worldwide), and SEAL Team Six has the reputation for always being involved in the highest profile operations.

Would you like to know more about SEAL Team Six and their past operations or training methods? In my personal library, I quickly pulled two references on the unit: Warrior Soul: The Memoir of a Navy SEAL by Chuck Pfarrer and Urgent Fury: The Battle for Grenada, pages 168-191, 224, by Major Mark Adkin. As an aside, you can read a description of my own experience in Grenada, on page 260. Although I departed Pope AFB in my C-141 the Sunday after the initial assault, we pilots still provided our own air traffic control as we stacked up in holding patterns above the island. Back to SEAL Team Six–you can also read about them in almost any book by Dick Couch. With the most fortuitous timing in publishing history, the next book on my wish list will be released on May 10th: SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper by Howard E. Wasdin and Stephin Templin.

Would you like to be a SEAL? The first requirement is that you were born male. After that, let me paraphrase a quote that I think came from Dick Couch’s wife (or was it Pfarrer’s?), “There are only two types of SEALs–those men who can do absolutely anything, and those men who can do nothing else.”


  1. Hi Anne back at you from

    Hi Anne of course SEAL-TEAM SIX is known. The statement, “The unit is so secret that the military does not openly acknowledge its existence.” I took as a direct quote along with Delta Force. Where did I find it? God only knows. My point was why name a unit? SEAL TEAM SIX does not exist. It’s just a name used. The best of the teams are designated DEVGRU. There are actually multiple sources here’s one. In 1987, a new unit was formed, given the official title of “Naval Special Warfare Development Group” (abbreviated to NAVSPECWARDEVGRU, or DEVGRU) after SEAL Team Six was dissolved. Reasons for the disbanding are varied,[7] but the name SEAL Team Six is often used in reference to DEVGRU because of their similarities as a maritime counter-terrorism unit.[8] Wikipedia J.C. I like you site nice job.

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