Posted by: annemartinfletcher | December 2, 2010

Update to Resources for Vets and Families

The National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), the premier volunteer organization for teaching skiing to people with physical and emotional challenges, is able to offer FREE SKIING, including lessons, lifts, equipment, and transportation from Denver, to Disabled Military Veterans! The offer is good on specific dates over the course of five weeks, or can be used, with special reservations, over two consecutive weeks. Please see the link to “free skiing for disabled vets” under “Resources for Soldiers and Their Families” in my sidebar.

I have worked with the NSCD as both a colleague and a client. Their services are invaluable and reasonably priced (although “free” is spectacular). Please pass this word along to families you know who may be dealing with TBI, loss of limbs, deafness, blindness, or other disabilities incurred during military service. Skiing is a wonderful way to feel “normal” again–or at least as strong and adventurous as before the disability occurred. MAKE RESERVATIONS EARLY, because the NSCD does get totally booked by early in the ski season.

Look for me on the slopes–I’ll be the one in the yellow ski school jacket.

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