Posted by: annemartinfletcher | November 18, 2010

Resistance Is Futile

At the end of a very depressing writing week and teaching week (the exam came completely from the homework, all my dear students) , two (well-published) author friends shared their favorite blog posts with me. In order to explain why she is still flying midnight airline runs in the far East, Susan Grant referred her friends to Catherine Ryan Hyde’s (Pay it Forward) Daily Finance article, “The (Paltry) Economics of Being a Novelist.” It is a completely demoralizing taste of reality.

Then Steven Pressfield (Gates of Fire) shared his blog post on “The Opposite of Resistance.” I recommend Pressfield’s blog as a much more encouraging way to end the day, including his reply to a comment by Portia. The opposite of resistance, by the way, is Love.

Ironically, or not, I think both authors say the same thing. Write for the love of creation. Then Resistance is Futile.


  1. I’m an elderly physician, and I write because I believe it helps me search for truth. I mourn for your students who do not feel the need to learn. I’m old and I still hope to find something new every day.

    You are so right; it is all about a love of the creative process.

    Dr. B author, “The Mandolin Case”

  2. Dear Dr. Bibey,
    I always enjoy your observations. Thank you for commenting. And, after checking out your own recent blog post, I hope you enjoyed your “last chocolate milkshake.”

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