Posted by: annemartinfletcher | October 18, 2010

Jane’s Stories Press Foundation Retreat This Weekend

It’s a good thing I’ve been reading and revising and improving my memoir, because I am immersed in all the problems and methodologies that I will be teaching this Saturday, 23 Oct, during a session at the Jane’s Stories Press Foundation Annual Writing Retreat, in Saint Augustine, FL.  I hope this is like right brain calculus–if I use it all the time, then teaching it becomes easier.

I do not want to spend my session doing what so many other memoir leaders do: promoting my own memoir by reading from it for 45 minutes. Instead, I will share a little feedback I have gotten from top agents on what they are looking for in memoir. Next, the participants will get a chance to write a snippet from their own experience, and then expand on it in a guided fashion. We can then share our writing with each other, either during the session or over dinner Saturday night.

Does this sound like fun to you? Check out the details on the Jane’s blog.


  1. The Writing Retreat brought together a huge diversity of women writers: immigrants from Europe and India, women of various ethnicities, women of varying degrees of physical capabilities, and writers from talented “newbies” to established, well-published literary writers.
    Judging by the Evaluation Forms, many people found break throughs during the memoir session I led. Once more, this proves that teaching and volunteering is not about oneself, but about others.

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