Posted by: annemartinfletcher | August 24, 2010

Making Time to Write (2)

This post isn’t so much about getting an agent, as it is about making the time to write. Getting my butt into the chair always seems like the hardest part of putting words onto paper, for me. I have been surveying my successfully writing friends to find out how they make the time. These are authors with children and other jobs, such as Susan Grant, Barbara Cameron, Glenda Bailey-Mershon, and Tamara Sellman.

Here are their common themes:

  • Don’t check email (at least not until you have achieved the day’s word count).
  • Don’t get as much sleep as you would like.
  • Don’t clean house.
  • And my own addition: Don’t watch TV.

No writer ever said writing was easy.  Although I do like the third “Don’t”.

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