Posted by: annemartinfletcher | December 15, 2009

Getting a First Book Published–Don’t forget the writing!

Oh, Dear! Another perfectly good two weeks have gone by and I haven’t revised or written anything. Today’s post is a help list to continue writing even when it is not paying the bills.

Of course, I am being hypocritical.  I delayed writing while getting the grades in for one of my numerous day-jobs:  teaching.  I do not even teach writing;  I teach math to  Liberal Arts Majors.  Then I delayed writing while I prepared for my next day-job:  teaching skiing at the Winter Park Ski and Ride School in Colorado.  Donna McAleer, an agented writer and snow-ski instructor, taunted me with tales of spending her morning in knee-deep powder.  Ha!  I know she did not write today, either.  I have delayed writing while meeting catalog shopping deadlines and meditating on staying peaceful while my family visits me.  December has to be the top month for not writing.

As of now, I resolve to find ways to write my memoir during December.  I am starting by scheduling time during my peak focus hours, as Tamara Sellman advises us to do.  While meditating on the reason for the season, I will ask God to use my writing talent, which implies a big obligation on my part to use that talent, as well.  I will be inspired, not just by Hallmark commercials, but from my Janes Stories newsletter.  I resolve to share the best part of me this season, which means sharing on paper, as a writer, at least thirty minutes a day.

Will you join me at the writing desk?  Will  you wish me luck?

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