Posted by: annemartinfletcher | July 10, 2009

Flying Scholarships for Women

Are you a woman with a dream of flight?  Check out the links in my Women in Military or Aviation box.  All these organizations offer scholarships.  Well, the US Air Force Academy isn’t exactly a scholarship–it is a “free” 4 year education that you have to work at very hard.  The other organizations, however, offer more traditional scholarships.  The Ninety-Nines even opens its scholarships to older women.  Good luck getting some financial help to acheive your Dream of Flight!


  1. Working moms are seen by colleges as having a very low success rate because they have to divide their time between a lot of obligations.

  2. Mohsin, the scholarships I list are not for college, but are strictly for flight training. Consequently, being a mother can actually be a plus, if the applicant lists their experience appropriately. These organizations value women who handle multiple responsibilities and who will share their knowledge and love of flight with others–exactly the things that mothers can excel at!

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